PlusSuite: Transforming SME organizatioins...and plus more

Difficult to reduce
Cycle shorten
Cost reduction
Reduced workload

The preferred development platform for industrial applications in all scenarios

Plus Suite Cloud is a whole scene industrial application development oriented, able to continuously gather industry knowledge and experience, provide industry experts and knowledge sharing, for the industrial application developers, integrators, users, in the form of application of open source to provide high efficiency, low cost, low threshold to development and industrial APP operation support platform for the industry to the Internet.

Build MES system quickly

Provide industrial Internet platform support base

Rapid development of industrial applications

Provide industrial Internet platform support base

Unique advantages of Plus Suite

Web application development platform


Mobile application development platform

Intelligent analysis platform


Intelligent lot platform

Data visualization

Zero threshold


Comprehensive industrial knowledge base

Rich industrial knowledge is encapsulated into standardized industrial APP or industrial micro-service components in digital scenes and deposited on Plus Suite platform, which can carry out innovation reconstruction, iteration and reuse in a larger scope, higher frequency and shorter path.

Standard suite

Multi-functional modular, meet the business needs of different industries, covering the whole process of customized production, enabling minimalist, flexible development.

Industrial algorithm

Based on massive industrial data and real application scenarios, it can flexibly coordinate and deploy production, making development more accurate and efficient.

The mechanism model

Separation of business and application logic from underlying platform technology reduces repetitive work and makes coding easier and faster.

Application resources

It provides industrial application scene algorithm and mechanism model, 3D model/template, kanban, APP component/template, etc., which is convenient to call.

The main module

Plus Suite ERP

Plus Suite provides enterprise "what you see is what you get" ERP cloud

In the process of selecting ERP system, many managers will find that the final management system and the scheme selection will often affect the business progress. Oracle NetSuite provides enterprises with "what you see is what you get" ERP cloud, easy to use!

Enterprise core finance as the center: configure multi-role management process and dashboard, many kinds of data templates, reduce operation difficulty and implementation risk

Cloud platform for agile development: With business growth, flexible expansion of application functions, and long-term market leadership



Production plan as the center, the material management related to production, supply, marketing and other links of the activities organically linked, the formation of a solution to the disjointed problem of production, supply and marketing information management system



Help manage business data, track basic profiles and information of corporate customers, and manage sales


High quality empowers developers

A week to learn, easy to master

Reduced development difficulty by 65%

Reduce development cost by more than 70%

Standardize development standards to protect code security

Quickly build enterprise applications with high stability and performance

Easily realize data interconnection between heterogeneous systems and devices

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